What’s Your Flow? – StudioDaily Article

September 5, 2007


Here’s an interesting workflow idea for you guys out there juggling multiple programs for your video production needs.  I found it on the very interesting site StudioDaily, whose email newsletter I receive and always find something interesting, and it talks about combining Final Cut Pro and After Effects as well as Automatic Duck, “the leader in timeline transition between the worlds most powerful NLE and compositing systems.” Basically, it translates with more detail than a regular EDL (edit decision list) the information in your timeline, creating an After Effects composition based on your timeline in your editing system (FCP, Avid, etc.). Essentially, it does what the integration of Adobe’s Production Suite does on it’s own, since it’s an Adobe package. But this is for those of you who have different programs, like FCP and AE, for example, and don’t have that tight integration built in. So, what Ivan Miller says he does is lets the editors make the cut in Avid, then he uses Automatic Duck to import the entire cut into After Effects where he noodles around with it and comes out with, say, a McDonald’s commercial, as he did recently. It’s an interesting method to read about, and even though it would apply to me since I have Adobe’s full video suite, it’s interesting to read about what other people are doing and how they adapt their own workstations to fit their needs, especially when it’s on a lower budget than what some would assume (using Flame instead of After Effects, for example, which would be the industry standard). For those of you looking for a lower-budget way to do things and maintain a high-quality end result, this may be a key thing to think about when setting up or upgrading your system.

Link: http://www.studiodaily.com/studiomonthly/currentissue/7741.html


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