A/V > RF > A/V… there’ll be a quiz!

September 6, 2007

Well here’s a little gadget I found today that looked quite cool.  I wouldn’t really use it in the small, one-room studio setup I have now… in my bedroom… but in a larger setup with multiple rooms all making up a studio or something, or if you just have better satellite reception in one room than another (of which I don’t know the technical possibility, since I thought satellites were supposed to reach most anything and everything… except sometimes in bad weather… heh), then this tool might be useful for you.  You plug it into your workstation (editing, effects, whatever), it converts your audio/visual signal into a radio signal which gets sent to the receiving end of the gadget (presumably in a different room), and that converts it back into an audio/visual signal and is plugged into your TV console or monitor for previewing purposes and what have you.  I thought it sounded cool and possibly useful in a studio where maybe you want to preview your final or even rough cuts of your films on a big screen to get more of a feel for it, but can’t buy another monitor and don’t want to waste a DVD – plus you want to see it in full quality – that would mean lengthy exporting and authoring to watch the DVD (depending on your system).  This would potentially solve that, since you could, I imagine, just set it up to preview just the comp window of your editing app, render out all the preview files in the Timeline and then go into the other room and hit play.  Oh yea, and don’t forget to add a couple of seconds of black first so you don’t miss anything while running from room to room.  You could even trick your hot date and tell her your new movie’s on TV at 8, check it out at your place in your home theater.  Aww… romantic. 😉

Link: http://www.geeks.com/…


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