Send in your films!

September 6, 2007

The good guys over at Microfilmmaker.com have made an offer you can’t refuse! Hah, how’d ya like that movie quote? However, this one isn’t “Send in your films or we’ll put a gun to your head,” this is a generous offer from the guys at the very helpful e-zine to watch, review, and fully critique your films in depth and then put them on the magazine. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Videomaker does this too,” well that’s what I thought. And you’d be right. But… they don’t feature full-length films, and if they critiqued them they wouldn’t feature them on their vidcast because of time constraints. This e-zine can link to your site, review your film, and feature it in their magazine, because they don’t have a vidcast with a time cap. So you get all the coverage you want with plugs galore, all because you made the deal. So, get to it, filmmakers! The submitting page is here and it’s open to anyone. What are you waiting for!?

Here’s what Jeremy Hanke of Microfilmmaer says: it’s “a free, in-depth critique to help you become a better filmmaker that’s written by actual filmmakers! *smile*” Gotta love the smile! “Yes indeed. Incidentally, we do both feature length films and shorts.”

Also, if you come back later on with a film but can’t find the link to the site, it’s in the Blogroll on the right.

Link: http://www.microfilmmaker.com/film_sub.html


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