Showcase: afterworld

September 6, 2007

I just discovered this site and am almost done watching all 14 of their episodes available online.  It’s an internet series made with what looks like a combination of heavily retouched photographs, 3D modeling and animation and a sort of stop animation/frame-by-frame-ish type technique.  It’s like a slideshow of images, with some animation thrown in and sometimes even more to give it more interest.  It’s an awesome show, and even though the style at first is a little odd, (the non-moving characters is very different from “normal” motion we see in movies these days), it’s a really cool series.  I really liked the beginning the most, with the lonliness in the post-apocalyptic world.  It reminds me of a movie coming out soon called I Am Legend with Will Smith.  That aside, though, this is a really cool work with some impressive narration and an interesting style that really just sucked me right in.  It’s a very cool idea, something I wouldn’t expect to see on TV, especially in the manner in which they went about making the series, from the style in which it’s presented to the mindset of the main character.  I think it’s a great break from the typical American sitcom or CSI-based melodrama.  Awesome link, I’m glad to showcase this, and I think this is going to mark the beginning of a series of Showcase items, that maybe I’ll do one major one once a week or something, and otherwise I’ll post regularly, as much as possible.  Anyway, that’ll develop on its own.  Enjoy this for now.

Link: http://www.afterworld.tv/


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