RED ONE in use!

September 10, 2007

I don’t know who else has been interested in this but I was hot on the trail a while ago and now that I’ve heard it’s going into use I’m super excited to see what happens next with this camera and its companion technology.  It may mean huge upgrades worldwide for producers and their studios, but it might just mean hugely increased content quality at a price that, when you think about it, really isn’t all that huge.  Now, this article, found on IndyMogul’s blog, mentions that filmmaker Roger Avery is going to be making an indie project using RED’s ONE camera.  For those of you who don’t know, this is an ultra-high-quality camera that is leagues better than the current video we shoot and even better, from my understanding, than HD.  Not to mention the frame sizes are enormous.  Check out more about RED here, and check out the original article from the link below.  This is awesome, I’m looking forward, as the author said, to what happens when this stuff starts hitting theaters and the global market.  Maybe us lower-budget filmmakers will even get a lower cost, possibly lower quality (but still higher than what most of us are used to right now) camera at prices we can afford.  This could be great.

Link: http://www.indymogul.com/post/2537/roger-avery-to-use-red-camera


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