Suite Effects: DJTV's Visual Effects Show

September 10, 2007

Now, I’ve been a big fan of DJTV and their many, many shows on video production and quality video tips, but this show just brings to life a whole new aspect of video production: visual effects.  In the past, they’ve been focusing on technique, theory, some ideas and ways of going about creating video that were just plain and simply awesome.  Those are all worth checking out and definitely worth keeping in mind while living and creating video.  However, this new show, while pretty basic for a first episode, brings some effects similar to Pleasantville and Sin City to the average consumer’s capability level with the tools many serious video content producers likely already have.  After watching the intro, I said to myself “yea, that was a pretty cool intro,” and got excited about the next part of the show.  Though Rotoscoping (what they started off with) is a very basic and time-consuming, tedious technique, its accuracy cannot be beat and it is used constantly in every production house everywhere for just about any type of project.  Though logical, that was the only downside to the first episode of a new show on DJTV.  However, I am definitely looking forward to some new shows in the future and trying out some of the techniques they bring to the web, ripe for the amateur video producer’s bag of tricks.  Enjoy this resource as it grows and definitely, definitely watch their older videos.  Every single one is interesting in its own way, and every single one will be useful at some point in your filmmaking career.  Looking forward to seeing some results from you guys, the audience, from this new podcast feature.  Good luck, and enjoy the show.

Link: http://www.digitaljuice.com/djtv/segment…


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