Tarantino on the Radio

September 13, 2007

Alright, well this is promoting Grindhouse which is old news (and a brilliant set of movies) but I found the interview with Tarantino to be quite interesting in the sense partly that he’s cooler than I had thought he was, he gets excited and into his ideas when he’s talking about them, just like I do, and he just seems like a more interesting guy than I had first thought.  He talks about Grindhouse, Pulp Fiction, a sequel/prequel to Pulp Fiction and his new film he’s writing that’s an epic war movie with a spaghetti western feel.  Yea.  Tarantino doing an epic WWII movie.  I was surprised too, but watch the video, he gets way into that too.  It’s an interesting interview with someone who’s very well known among film geeks and filmmakers alike, and who should be admired for his works (at least the ones I’ve seen) and watched for new works in the future.

Also, in AV news, I got my first issue of the magazine studio/monthly today, from the folks at studio/daily who put out an awesome newsletter that always has something interesting in it.  The address sticker on the bottom said “BLAKE JOHNSON; MR; ANIMIVIRTUS PRODUCTIONS…” marking the first printed piece of material addressed to my dream production company.  So in a way, it’s a reality now, even if only barely.  That was my little joy of the day in terms of film.  And from what I glimpsed at the table of contents on the cover, it’s a sweet issue with some really cool-sounding stuff inside.  I can’t wait to get started reading it!

I also finished writing a short film titled “The Kiss” today, as hopefully part of a series about guys and girls at any age and their relationship attempts, triumphs, travails, and successes.  Hopw you guys enjoy the video and are making some sweet headway on whatever projects you’re working on now.  Good luck, do some awesome work!  (And don’t forget to send it over to Microfilmmaker Mag for critique and praise).

Link: http://www.break.com/index/quentin_tarantino…


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