Celtx V.0995

September 15, 2007

Alright guys, I went to write a short project the other day and was told to update my version of Celtx – the freeware filmmaking/stagecraft tool that offers everything from writing to prop and location detail sheets to scheduling to incredible organizational tools – that I have installed on my think-machine where I write and net-surf and whatnot.  So I did and decided to go to the site to see what the new features were (aside from their professional, sweet-lookin’ new interface).  So apparently there’s integrated PDF export now, so you don’t have to log on to your account every time, there’s Dual Dialog and other more advanced formatting options using the LaTex typesetting tool.  I don’t know really anything about it other than the fact that you can do whatever you want writing-wise in the Celtx editor panel, switch over to the Typesetting panel and see what it’ll look like in the printed version, and it basically formats everything the way it would look in the final printed copy, whereas when you’re just writing and revising and whatnot it puts indications (like little icons) next to things that will be formatted differently (like Dual Dialog paragraphs).  One sweet feature I found was the Index Card feature, which I believe is completely new to this version, which basically gives you the organizational flexibility of using Index Cards for your screenplays without the paper/clutter hassle.  It sounded like an awesome addition to an already Godsend of a freeware program.  There are also a few new types of things you can create (split-column A/V scripts, Audio Plays, Plays, Screenplays, etc.).  This is definitely worth checking out, it’s just an awesome upgrade to an already awesome program, but well worth it.  It takes a few minutes – maybe – and what have you got to lose?  It’s sweet, take a peek at their forum post about it here, or, if you’ve never heard of Celtx, then get the heck over there and download it!

Link: http://forums.celtx.com/viewtopic.php?t=5165


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