DJTV: Cutting Class: Type Hype

September 17, 2007

Here’s a new typography in video tutorial that DJTV just put out using After Effects as their software of choice.  Of course that makes me happy, since it’s finally a program that I have (they usually teach using Final Cut Pro) and can use the techniques they’re explaining here.  It’s a simple idea and tutorial, but obviously, and as always, the results raise the level of professional results in homemade video projects for the everyday videomaker.  Enjoy the tutorial, and get some sweet text animated!  I would embed the video but they don’t offer that option, so check it out via the link below to see the tutorial in action and learn how to get your own text lookin’ sweet an animated for a smoother, more professional result.  I am going to say that creating your text in a program like After Effects, Illustrator or equivalent programs in stead of Photoshop or some other graphics program is a much better way to go about creating text for video.  It creates vector-based images with use mathematical algorithms to create the text, so they don’t become pixelated when resized (either up or down).  That way, when you animate the text using a scale or other property, you don’t lose any of the quality you liked when you first made the title to begin with.  Also, making the text in the program you’re animating in just offers more flexibility in customization and final tweaking.  Best of luck, and enjoy.

Link: http://www.digitaljuice.com/djtv/segment_detail.asp?sid=199


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