Video Copilot's New Release!

September 21, 2007

Well, Tuesday this week marked a very important day for After Effects, Andrew Kramer, and visual effects artists and fans out there.  Video Copilot, Andrew Kramer’s After Effects resource site filled with almost 50 AE tutorials, and plenty of other new juicy improvements and additions, relaunched Tuesday and is ready for us all to enjoy.  So I figured that on Tuesday, since it was the day of the big announcement, I’d let you all know about the new thing coming back.  But then I got distracted watching a new tutorial of his, it got late, I got tired, and I went to bed.  The next day, I figured, I’d write about it.  Obviously, I didn’t.  I spent all day (or what was left of it after waking up at 11:30) lazily browsing the internet – much of it on YouTube – and thinking to myself thoughts of “I have nothing to do…except editing that movie I’ve been meaning to finish for a year now…” over and over and over again.  Needless to say, that was not my most productive day.  Although I did watch quite a few of his new tutorials and videos up on the new site, so I guess I was researching and formulating a review, you could say.  Today, however, I had school, and now I am finally here, writing about what I think is just an awesome resource that is growing and has made a big leap in its amount of content, and its usefulness.

To start off with, there are two new tutorials, however one does use Trapcode’s plug-in Particular, so that was a drawback for me, since I don’t have it.  Although there was a quick tip at the end for making an audio waveform in AE out of an audio file.  Next, there is an entire new section of tutorials, geared toward After Effects beginners.  It goes from a tour of the program through animation, keying, compositing, 3D, titles, text and up to the level where we can start fully understanding his more advanced tutorials, and, as he hopes, take advantage of his Training DVD that is mentioned around the web as a superb resource for avid AE learners.  That said, there is yet another awesome resource awaiting us all as we visit the site, and it takes up a whole new button on the main navigation button (yes, that’s right, it was so important it got its own button).  It’s called “Presets.”  Essentially, this is a whole bunch of tutorials on how to use Presets that he’s made available for us on the brand new site… completely free.  Yep, I was blown away too.  This was maybe the most exciting part of the site, even though I was pretty enamored by the new set of beginner tutorials.  There are all kinds of presets from camera shake to gel looks, day for night tools, aspect ratio guides, transitions, film grain and even a tutorial on installing presets for Windows.  (There might be a Mac section of it but I’m not sure, though the Mac document structure is less complicated than the Windows one, so it’s easier to add things to program’s presets, just find the presets folder in the program folder and drop the file in it.  It’s actually the same in Windows, but the folder structure in Mac’s seem to be less complicated.)  Anyway… back to the site… those of you who are fans will definitely be loyal, dedicated fans as I am with this new release of tons of new content, practically a replica of the original style of the site, and of course, new content (or did I already say that?).  The one thing that I didn’t like was the fact that he bunched the old BIOS page (about the company and its members) into the current “contact” page linked to at the top of the site.  Oh well, I guess advancements in the content and resources of a site call for cutbacks in the focus on the site’s team.  Plus it would make those buttons smaller, and they look cooler the way they are.  As far as I’m concerned, this was worthy of the few-week-wait that it caused (I don’t even remember how long it was since I’m so excited about the new content).  Now, ’nuff said, if you haven’t seen the new site yet or especially if you haven’t even seen the site at all, get the heck over there and check it out!  It’s awe-=inspiring how much more they added to it and it’s definitely worth all the time of watching those videos… now if I could only find the time to watch and learn them all, I’d be in fat city.  Thanks a ton, AK, you did a hell of a job!

Link: http://www.videocopilot.net/


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