Showcase: Austin Hartman

September 26, 2007

While perusing YouTube today, taking periodic breaks from redrafting and redrafting my paper for sociology, I discovered Austin Hartman’s collection of videos.  I watched a few of his videos and thought they were quite interesting, and well crafted, using the rack focus trend that’s been so common the past few years.  The lighting in each video I’ve watched so far has been quite admirable, very minimal but very cool, dramatic and meaningful, intentional.  I wanted to take the chance to mention him on this blog and hope someone else finds the work that’s up on YouTube and takes a peek.  There’s some very cool stuff under his account, all worth taking a look at.  I’m a bit written out, I’ve redrafted that paper about 5 times in the last three or four hours, but I wanted to at least mention the talent in hopes that someone else would find it intriguing.  I know that if I’m even out in the California area (yea, right, since it’s so small and everything) I’d definitely try to collaborate.  Maybe someday.  But for now, thanks, Austin Hartman for providing us with such cool work, and keep it up.  I’m glad you’re in the biz.

This video I found especially well-made:

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/austinrhartman


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