IndyMogul’s New Videos

September 30, 2007

IndyMogul recently put out a few more videos, namely a new installment of their Q and Erik show, their BFX show and part one of a new Weekend Extra segment.  I’m looking forward to part two.  The BFX episode was especially cool, using about $20 to create a pretty realistic, in-the-spirit-of-the-original-Star-Wars-trilogy spaceship model and shooting it in front of a greenscreen for some space sequences.  The only tips I would have to enhance the effect is animating the star backgrounds, since the spaceship flies past the camera and then appears to keep flying, staying the same distance from the camera and the stars in the background aren’t moving.  It’s unnatural, but you get the idea.  I would also color-correct the footage a bit, maybe paint a little detail onto the ship, something like that.  It’s a chance to be creative with your creation, but I really like their method for the lights on the thrusters.  It’s realistic, totally feasible and a great tip for model-makers and people who can’t use 3D CG or don’t know how.  I definitely could have used this video for a project I did last year.  So check them out, the main site’s link is below and the shows are linked to above in this post.  Enjoy, and happy filmmaking.  Thanks IndyMogul!

Link: http://www.indymogul.com


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