DIY C-Stand

October 1, 2007

I found this little tip in a forum I’ve been a member of for about 3 years now, and thought it was just awesome.  I’ve been trying to find cheap light stands for a little while now and couldn’t find anything that would fit the lights I have.  I only use one worklight whenever I use controlled lighting at all, but it sure is nice to be able to control the look more that way and for a shoot I need to do soon I’m going to need controlled light to shoot the scene.  Needless to say, when I stumbled upon this little forum post I was very excited.  I then read his intro, the tutorial it’s based on and his own article about his method of putting it together, and am going to sketch up my own design and try to make my own based on that.  Now, moving on from me, I’ll shed a little light on the forum post ;).  It’s all galvanized pipe, black preferably, since it’s cheaper, and you make a three-legged C-stand or Century stand typically used in photography and film and video shoots.  It’s a great tool for mounting lights and all kinds of other tools from diffusion cloths to flags and bounce cards on your one- or two-man (or woman) shoot.  The price comes to about $30-$40 which is, especially when compared to commercial C-stands available at around $60-$200, very appealing.  Building 3-4 of these for the price of one, sounds sweet to me.  There’s also an attachment he links to on the forum post to a little unit usually used for drumsets but can be used on this little rig to hold a boom arm for bounce cards, etc. mentioned above.  So with no more from me, the link’s below, check it out and enjoy the benefits of the DIY internet filmmaking community.

Link: http://sticktowhatyouknow.com/phpBB2/…


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