Showcase: The Armchair Chronicles

November 2, 2007

Sorry there hasn’t been an update in quite a while, though IndyMogul, IzzyVideo and Video Copilot have all come out with some new videos that are pretty cool.  This update, however is not only a showcase of new work but of new work by a member of AnimiVirtus Productions.  Elliot, a co-founder of the group, has begun a blog about comic arts and his in-development series titled “The Armchair Chronicles.”  It’s essentially an artistic endeavor into the battle of good and evil that permeates… well, everything.  There’s only one post for now, but it’s an interesting peek at what’s to come, as well as the process of the creative mind behind the series.  Check out his post here and learn more him and the blog as the post count increases.

Link: http://schlockpocalypse.blogspot.com/


One comment

  1. Sweet! Nice write-up, Blake. Thanks a bundle.

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