Conversion & DIY Gear

November 12, 2007

That’s right, I stumbled upon a free media conversion app today (both for Windows and Mac) due to the monthly newsletter from Studio Daily.  It’s a great newsletter that’s always got some interesting articles and videos, reviews, etc.

But this time, I noticed a link to an eternal website full of DIY rigs and gear by small-time filmmakers like you and me.  This was wonderful.  The site’s slogan itself is “linking filmmakers to helpful resources,” which in effect is what I try to do, but they’ve obviously made the jump to bigger promotional venues (like Studio Daily).  However, their list was quite good, with links to other sites with tips and tutorials and even a video tutorial on making a jib/crane made by the fellows over at IndyMogul.  I’ve seen most of the tutorials that they linked to before, but it was an admirable effort and a great thing to do for low-budget filmmakers.  It’s like the tutorial version of homebuiltstabilizers.com, another good resource for, at the very least, inspirational photos of rigs from all different angles and some test footage with said rigs made by amateurs.

It was a great pair of discoveries to make today, and something definitely worth blogging about.  I am in the midst of a research project on self-promotion and distribution for super-small-time filmmakers like myself and will hopefully come out at the end with a 10-12 page research paper on the subject, which will most likely be slimmed down for internet use.  I’ll post it here when it’s completed and advertise it as many places as I can think of.  Enjoy the links, and happy filmmaking!

Link: http://filmlinker.com/blog/2007/11/05/diy…


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