November 20, 2007

This is one awesomely ambitious and incredibly useful resource for no-budget filmmakers everywhere.  I can’t wait to get to start using this, and if it works as well as it does in the promo video on their site (which, aside from the Apple videos, is one of the best promo videos I’ve seen in a while), then this could take the no-budget world by storm.  It looks awesome.  Basically, where Celtx makes global networking possible for people in a given project and is most useful for pre-production and even production (with its powerful scheduling features), SpinXpress is its equal in the post-production arena.  This program gives you the ability to communicate with people involved in your project all over the world, giving you a built-in Wiki, message board, file sharing and then after you’re done you can publish your work right to the Internet Archives or blip.tv right from the program.  Their promo video blew me away and got me super excited to start working with it on a project… only problem now is I need to find some people to work on the project with.  This won’t be necessary if you can afford to have everybody in one place (writer, producer, key players that don’t need to be on set), but if you’re like me and hopefully most of my readers, it’s going to come in handy hugely when you’re working on projects with people in completely different states or countries to have a program of such capabilities that you’re not relying on emails anymore, and you can communicate, share files, and even create a Wiki site for your project with all kinds of information about the project so it straightens and clears up communication and collaboration on a project for your long-distance filmmaking endeavors.  It looks awesome, but I haven’t used it as of this writing, so any user testimonials will be greatly appreciated.  Oh, and did I mention it’s got a searchable database of Creative Commons licensed works for your video projects?  And you can remotely access your project’s account via the website as well, if you’re on a machine that doesn’t have SpinXpress installed on it already.  And yea, it’s free.  Holy #$@#!!  Yea, that’s what I thought.  Enjoy! 😉

Link: http://www.spinxpress.com/


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