Showcase: Cristo

November 28, 2007

Here’s quite a nicely done short film by indie film and game composer Justin R. Durban titled Cristo.  (By the way, if you ever need some fantastic music for free for your non-profit film endeavor, check out his site, it’s loaded with great stuff!)  It’s a nice blend of drama and sci-fi, and though I don’t particularly like the acting all that much, there are some strong parts in the visuals (including a nice crane shot and even an underwater scene) and of course, great music.  I’d like to go into depths about what I think worked and didn’t work in this, but I think it’s best to watch and decide for yourself.  Take a peek, he’s a wonderful composer, and a pretty nice guy from the little I’ve talked with him online, so check out his film below, and leave comments (here or there) on the piece as you see it.

I should also actually mention a project he’s also doing the music for, since they had a very nice preview video on their site that got me pretty interested in the project.  It’s a 45-minute Machinima video called Sands of Fire and it looks quite impressive.  I don’t really know anymore than that, but their website for it is a blog (over here). and it’s worth taking a peek at.  Take a peek at the trailer below:

Link: http://www.vimeo.com/377000


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