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Showcase: Coloc Strip

December 30, 2007

To be entirely honest, I’m not even sure if this is a music video or just something some fans made, but it’s pretty friggin’ cool.  From a visual effects standpoint, it’s awesome, I can think of how they might have done this, but it seems like tons of work to me.  It’s an awesome collection of a bunch of different shots from a few different places of people doing things.  That’s a super lame explanation, but here, check it out:

Check out it’s page here.


The Waiting Room…in the can!

December 29, 2007

The Waiting Room is finally completely shot and locked! I’m super excited to finally have this done. We fiddled with lighting more than usual on this shoot, and I liked it quite a lot. Direct light from my work light was too harsh, so we simply bounced it off a tinfoil-covered piece of cardboard sitting on the desk on the opposite wall, which gave a perfect soft back light from behind me. Next, we taped a piece of tin foil on the window in front of me, pointing the two track lights on the ceiling toward it, bouncing that light off the tin foil and onto my face, giving a nice soft glow that looked almost like it was coming from the paper I was writing on. It was a very nice effect, and perfect for the scene. Michelle really helped out on this shoot, being the cameraperson, the lighting technician and whatnot. It was fun to play with the lighting and get the shots I wanted to get in a relaxed, small-scale environment. Unfortunately, I only had the chance to take four pictures while shooting this stuff, but at least it demonstrates the lighting configurations I had set up. Take a peek at all of them here.

I think an awesome thing about low- and no-budget filmmaking is the ability to just improvise with what’s there at the time, with what you’ve got and what you know. I knew I had two little tin foil reflector type pieces (actually I just knew metal is reflective and I had some at the time), and I could use those to light up the scene in the way I needed and wanted. I’m excited now to relax tonight, and I have all day tomorrow to cut the thing together, start figuring out music, and finish up my school violence piece I’ve been not-so-diligently working on since last Spring.


VFX Freeware!

December 28, 2007

Alright, I found these sites today pretty much all at once, and it blew my socks off.  Quite literally… I was shocked and excited beyond words for a few moments.  I’d found everything from free VFX and particle generation and animation software to a substitute for an already brilliant Terragen 2 all the way to a huge list of freeware/shareware/GPL-licensed software that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on.  I’ve posted some of the links here, but this doesn’t even begin to list what I found today.

Some awesome Linux/freeware-related sites:

Some purely VFX sites:

And finally the big kahuna of them all…


Social Advertising

December 18, 2007

I recently wrote a 12-13 page paper on the importance of advertising and marketing and promoting your amateur film, and on the methods to do so.  This website caught my eye today when I was going through my RSS feeds in my inboxes (oh yea, I got a MacBook recently, it’s like my baby).  I thought I’d mention this cool site as a method for you guys to do just that – promote and advertise your films on your own, without the big budget Hollywood films always have built into their contracts.

So, for us, we resort to the internet, the most powerful form of spreading information this side of the 20th century.  Social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Orkut, and forums and message boards all share commonalities in that they give you opportunities to get down and dirty making friends, contacts and spreading the word about yourself, your work, and developing relationships, both personal and professional, with other individuals around the world despite age, gender, race, or any of the other stereotypes that often inhibit or change our attitudes toward people, even unconsciously.

Alright, I get it, enough about the power just give us the link!  Well here you go, the site’s called ONEsite, and it’s basically a method to create your own social network site based on something of your choosing.  For filmmakers it’s a great opportunity to create a free fansite for your film or film production company or group and raise awareness about the projects you work on.  With the internet comes and overload of information, and the next step is to sift through that information and raise awareness to the right people about the kinds of things they want to know about – your film for film lovers, for example.  This is just one small method we can tap into the social networking power of the internet and leverage it in our favor, taking hopefully big strides in the progress of our film project’s life and giving others what they want – some good entertainment.  So enjoy the site, and best of luck with your creative and promotional endeavors.  I’m hoping to put the paper online soon to download as a free ebook for those of you interested in self-promotion and free marketing for your films.  Happy filmmaking!

What’s that?  You wanted the link?  Of course I’ll give it to you!  Just go to


New Films Page!

December 18, 2007

The Big Announcement
Well, here it is, finally a ‘films’ page to showcase the work of myself and others involved with AnimiVirtus Productions.  I know I haven’t posted in quite some time, and that this is the only thing that’s happened on this blog since that post, but I’ve been working on my personal blog to establish an effective, efficient, productive workflow solution that is entirely digital and helps me keep track of all the things I have to do, including how close to being completed they are and other information about each project.  Completely unrelated to this blog at the momentum, I’m hoping that once that’s figured out I can schedule times during each week to post a new resource website, showcase item, and other things on this blog while maintaining my personal blog and personal life as well.  I’ve also been working, am finishing up school, and getting ready for the holidays and my move out to Vancouver.  I haven’t been incredibly active in these areas, but they are still pressing areas that need tending to.

OK… now the Big Announcement
The films page is on the right hand menu, has a listing of films made by AnimiVirtus Productions, along with descriptions of the films, places to buy copies, watch the films online, and other links for each of them.  At the moment there is only the one feature LATENT(CY) on the page, but more will come as they are made (duh!).  So for now, enjoy the new page, the layout, the screenshots (oh yea, did I mention there’s screenshots?) and the links for the film.  More will come as it is edited, and hopefully I’ll be able to finish shooting The Waiting Room soon and be able to post some photos and stuff for that, as well as get it finally completed before I move.  Yea, that would be nice.  Enjoy the new page!


Blog Updates

December 7, 2007

As you’ve likely noticed, this blog’s gotten a few enhancements on the right-hand sidebar.  Firstly, the search box has been moved up to the top… down near the end of the page didn’t seem logical for a search function.  Secondly, the Calendar’s also been moved, and renamed as “Post-By-Day,” since that’s really what it’s used for.  Scrolling right on down, we’ve now got an AnimiVirtus Flickr section, providing you with random photos from my Flickr account having to do with shoots and film projects and the studio… err, my room.  Moving along, we’ve got a “Recent Comments” section, just helping you – the visitor – see where the action’s at.  Then we’ve got an “Archives” section, so you can more easily access older posts, followed by the “Admin Tools” section, which is really a subscription link to either posts or comments and some login tools for me.  The integration with Flickr is the part I’m most excited about, as it links me to another networking site and lets me show you more of what we do and are about here at AnimiVirtus Productions.

Just as another note, I’ve been thinking about some extended pages and whatnot for this blog, making it a bit more of a website than just a blog.  I’ve been thinking along the lines of a film page, staff page (the About page but extended) and maybe a few other places to help out you amateur filmmakers out there.  We’ll see where that goes, but any suggestions would be appreciated.  Enjoy the new functionalities!


Rickshaw Vinny Dolly

December 7, 2007

Rickshaw Vinny Dolly

Originally uploaded by amishjim

Take a look at this! I came across this photo while browsing through Flickr’s Groups and discovered this under one of the filmmaking-related groups. I have no idea what they’re using this rig for, or what kinds of shots they’re trying to get, but apparently they “ran and ran…” It’s an innovative design with some fun and dangerous appeal to it, and a true testament to the force of will that can exist on a low-budget set. Enjoy the photo, and send in your own if it inspires you to create something of your own!