Blog Updates

December 7, 2007

As you’ve likely noticed, this blog’s gotten a few enhancements on the right-hand sidebar.  Firstly, the search box has been moved up to the top… down near the end of the page didn’t seem logical for a search function.  Secondly, the Calendar’s also been moved, and renamed as “Post-By-Day,” since that’s really what it’s used for.  Scrolling right on down, we’ve now got an AnimiVirtus Flickr section, providing you with random photos from my Flickr account having to do with shoots and film projects and the studio… err, my room.  Moving along, we’ve got a “Recent Comments” section, just helping you – the visitor – see where the action’s at.  Then we’ve got an “Archives” section, so you can more easily access older posts, followed by the “Admin Tools” section, which is really a subscription link to either posts or comments and some login tools for me.  The integration with Flickr is the part I’m most excited about, as it links me to another networking site and lets me show you more of what we do and are about here at AnimiVirtus Productions.

Just as another note, I’ve been thinking about some extended pages and whatnot for this blog, making it a bit more of a website than just a blog.  I’ve been thinking along the lines of a film page, staff page (the About page but extended) and maybe a few other places to help out you amateur filmmakers out there.  We’ll see where that goes, but any suggestions would be appreciated.  Enjoy the new functionalities!


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