Healthy Computing

July 2, 2008

I found this and thought it was pretty cool of Microsoft to put out. I’ve been warned about the dangers of non-ergonomic computing numerous times by my teacher (and health teacher of a mother), and try to be healthy about my computing habits, but it’s easy to fall into that nice comfy little slumped position in a puffy chair, and it’s fine every once in a while, but it’s good to keep your posture, as well as exercise, keep those muscles strong enough to support a straighter posture. Here I am sounding like my mom, trying to get me to exercise back in high school. Now I bike everywhere and eat healthier than I used to. Anyway, I know VFX artists and many other people in computer-bound jobs would benefit from this, so I figured I’d share. Enjoy, and stay healthy :P.

Microsoft.com via Coding Horror.


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