Showcase: Chainsaw Maid

August 5, 2008

I know I’ve got a taste for fun-gore flicks, but this has got to be admired for its painstaking claymation alone. As you know, claymation is stop-motion with clay, and is brilliantly hard to do well, given the subtleties of motion and the detail of the clay objects themselves. Imagine trying to keep a story, performances and production value while concentrating on all of that! However, since I naturally love movies like Planet Terror and The Machine Girl (a better article’s here, with a trailer here), I was recommended this video by a friend. I was shocked and amazed to see all the gorey hilarity in stop-motion clay, with all the cheese of a great Grindhouse-esque zombie flick.

Also, a minor edit on the last Showcase post, Lifehacker has posted an interview with actress Felicia Day, and the full Dr. Horrible short film is available courtesy of Hulu.com on the interview page.



  1. it ’twas meeeee who suggested it!!!

  2. Yes, it was. Thanks, Shannon.

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