Link Dump: Screenwriting

September 3, 2008

Alright, well, regrettably, this one’s going to be really short. I haven’t actually amassed many links this past week. Somehow I just didn’t look around I guess. I also was catching up on some things I’d posted a while back and still hadn’t gotten around to reading. Nonetheless, I’m posting now, so enjoy what I did find and take advantage of the resources I can provide. This week’s topic is screenwriting.

First up, I found a short little ebook here that I (again) haven’t gotten to reading yet, but it should be quick, it’s only around 20 pages, and seems like a sort of overview of the filmmaking process. Leave a comment on its quality if you’ve read it, let us know if it’s worth checking out.

Next, I found this cool site that’s basically a huge database of amateur (or professionally) unproduced scripts that are available for reading. I thought it was pretty sweet, and got to read a few, though I haven’t taken the leap to reading the longer ones I’ve downloaded yet. Definitely a good resource if your writing skills aren’t up to par, or if you don’t want to spend the time with that side of the production, and want to learn more of the technical stuff. As a side note, InkTip also has a similar resource, but it tends to be a more contact-then-talk-then-possibly-produce type deal, at least back when I was looking through it. But both are good to look through, even if only for a writer’s inspiration.

Lastly, I found this site, which I actually haven’t even done more than glance at, but for some reason at the time it seemed like a good idea to post.

And once you’re done with your script, even if you’re going to film it, why not submit it to a festival? Can’t hurt your project :P.

As a last side-note, Photoshop For Video came out with a new episode about cleaning up storyboards, a good thing to think about while you’re finalizing the script. Good luck, sorry about the shortness of this week’s dump, but happy screenwriting nonetheless. Feel free to share any more resources if/as you find them!


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