Link Dump: Storyboarding

September 11, 2008

Well this one’s going to be very quick, as it’s been the most busy and hectic and honestly frustrating week so far at school and I am exhausted to the point of brain-no-function. So here it goes…

We’re doing storyboarding this week for our final project so I figured I’d do a bit of research, finding mostly old resources I’d forgotten about, and figured I’d share my progress. First is eejit’s storyboarding guide, a great site overall for filmmaking (check out their 10-minute film school with Robert Rodriguez…if you can’t come across it already that is).

Next is one of my classic favorites, TheForce.net and their tutorial section. They’ve got plenty of stuff there about all aspects of filmmaking, but mostly from a Star Wars fanfilm standpoint. Though that’s still plenty helpful. It’s thanks to this site, actually, that I became interested in filmmaking as a kid to begin with. Check it out.

There are plenty of ways to create and display storyboards, from on the wall to using software (like Director’s Boards, which I have but haven’t had the opportunity to use yet, though it looks cool), and this forum even suggests making a simple PowerPoint out of your frames and using that as a presentation/display tool (youknow, what the application was built for in the first place…to present things). We’ve been using OpenOffice’s Impress for our presentations. Alternatively, you could use Celtx’s built-in storyboarding organization tool, which would be great in an all-digital approach to the pre-production process.

On one last side note, Photoshop For Video put out a new episode (that I have yet to watch but will in the morning), this time on making a lower thids graphic for your videos. Not too common in amateur filmmaking, but a very useful tool nonetheless. Well, that’s it for this week’s link dump. I may have to cut back on the quantity of the links themselves, since we’re getting heavier and heavier into classes and production, but I’ll do my best to keep something coming each post day, at least to say I’m still around and life is still…well…going. Happy storyboarding!


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