Link Dump: Eclectic

September 18, 2008

Well this one’s another brief and rather scattered one, we’re entering the planning and scheduling of the project now, so I’m thinking about how we’re going to do the practical, on-set effects or complicated shots we’re going to need to pull off.  And since I spent my high school years researching that kind of thing, I’m excited that I finally have a use for all that amassed knowledge and inspiration.  So, here goes the short list…

First off, I was recommended this link via this site (a great board for cheap filmmaking techniques and friendly advice) and though I haven’t looked through it yet, it looked pretty cool at a glance.  Next, there’s this site that seemed like a cool tutorial site (again, at a glance).

As for actually making stuff, there’s DetonationFilms’ directory and store, a great place for pyrotechnic stock footage (in HD and other resolutions and formats), not to mention some very entertaining short films on their site.  As for those practical effects I mentioned above, fake glass is going to be our biggest challenge as far as effects go.  (We’re still working on how to do the 360 degree dolly around a character).  But these plans and this video definitely offer hopeful alternatives to buying sheets of the stuff.

Enjoy those for now, sorry it’s a short entry again, but hopefully these lead you onto some cool ideas.  I’d love to hear/see of stuff you make with this, and if youv’e got more additions for the list, feel free to comment and let me know.  Good luck.


One comment

  1. All this stuff looks like it’s gonna be *very* helping in our production!
    Thanks! 😀

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