Showcase: 10 Minutes

September 22, 2008

Alright, so this film clearly had at least the budget to transport crew to a foreign country, if not the budget to recreate an entire small town for the film.  However, looking past that, the point I want to make is this: take a look at the amount of cuts in the film.  The dramatic, realistic effect (not to mention huge technical respect from peers and knowledgeable audience members) that a fluid, long take gives a film is so great that you have to sit back in awe and admiration.  Children of Men had the same effect on me in their climactic sequence where there’s an 8-to-10-minute shot with no cuts throughout.  It’s a wonderful effect and something that only really takes planning at its most basic level, and anybody can do that, no matter their budget.  It’s simple and practical in principle, painstaking in execution but pays off hugely in the end, plus I love the short film, so I figured I’d show it off and offer the little idea for you fellow filmmakers out there.

10 minutes by Ahmed Imamovic – BEST SHORT FILM IN EUROPE


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