Link Dump: Tracking

October 2, 2008

Alrighty…firstly, sorry for the no-Showcase-Sunday, it was a really late and full weekend of getting work done for presenting our final reel project idea to our teachers, so there was no time and no energy left by Sunday night…and really not much more at the moment.  But, I have collected quite a few links this time, so hopefully it makes up for it.  Here we go…

Firstly, this is a great article on tracking in general, talking mostly about Fusion and After Effects, but useful and interesting nonetheless for tracking in general.  Since we’ve been exploring different packages a bit at school, I was looking up how to incorporate Boujou tracks with the Fusion compositing suite, and found this trio of tutorials.  Great stuff.

Following up on that Fusion trend, I got pretty excited about it when we glanced at it during a compositing class last week, and looked into it a bit more on my own.  Here’s some cool stuff I found, right on the company’s website!  They offer all kinds of stuff for free including workflow tools, tutorials, macros, and scripting help.

“Now wait a second…what about all that free content he used to be so excited about?”  Well yes, I am taking a turn toward commercial packages, but I’m also getting more serious about the business and higher level of compositing that you can only get with more upscale packages.  I’m moving into the industry where they use these packages, so it’s practical for me to learn them.  Plus, it’s not like After Effects is free, and I post tutorials for that all the time.  Speaking of which… VideoCopilot posted a duo of new tuts that looks pretty tasty to the cheap VFX eye.


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