Showcase: Virals & Ads

October 6, 2008

Alrighty…so here’s this week’s showcase.  I’ve noticed as I become more entrenched in the industry-bound mindset and more into the tools and techniques and whatnot of the professional side of things, I’m introducing more of that into my blog posts.  I hope you guys don’t mind, but I’ll try to keep this low-budget aimed anyway, since that’s the purpose of the site in the first place.  Now, that said, let’s move into the good stuff…

First off, this first piece is a low-budget style piece that someone with the right software, skills and ideas and planning could pull off.  And apparently, that’s what this guy did.  It’s a short spot for Bud Light Lime’s new campaign, and it features a CG lime in place of a person’s body, with the person’s arms and legs acting as they would normally.  There’s a brief description of the steps taken to achieve the effect, and based solely on that – though I’m sure there were complications, as there always are in the field of VFX and filmmaking – I think it’s a cool, simple (if painstaking) project, and I’m glad a low-budget thing like this was able to see the light of day.

Next, just as a sort of side note about cool things, Studio Daily’s got a list going of the best spots for various things, including, of course, the Burma video, a cool Mercenaries 2 trailer that’s been circling the web recently, a cool comp-job spot for National Grid called Polar, and a sweet HP vid called Maestro.  They add to it each week, and though it’s definitely not low-budget stuff, it’s cool and inspirational nonetheless.  Great for reel-inspiration, reminding you that concept is key, if you’re even concerned with that at all for a reel.  Essentially, based on a talk our class had today with a friend/artist in the industry, what they care about is the basic quality of work that went into the shot on the reel.  That’s it.  If it’s done well, you’re almost there.  So, I hope those are good enough for a few days, this week’s link dump is going to be a doozy (as in huge), so definitely look forward to that.  For now, though, enjoy the vids.


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