October 10, 2008

Alrighty…sorry for the late post, but I think I’ll make up for it this time.  I’ve got a whopper of a list tonight…tons of stuff I’ve been discovering over the past two weeks.  So I’m not going to intro…here they are:

First off, Studio Daily sent out their newsletter recently, sparking my interest a couple of times, firstly with this free app that helps catalog footage.  Excellent for any editor.  Next up, also an excitement for editors, is the announcement of RED and Adobe’s collaboration to make Premiere a native 2K editor for RED footage.  This got me all warm inside…I can’t wait to try working on that…:D.  Another brief Premiere article I’ve yet to read but definitely will is how to make old plug-ins work in Premiere Pro 2.  Great idea for an article.

Alrighty…since it maybe hasn’t come to your attention yet, Adobe announced their Creative Suite 4 (CS4) line recently, and with it new and improved versions of everything.  So, to celebrate, here’s some Adobe product related links.  Starting with tweaking colors in After Effects, followed by some tutorials, some more tutorials, some more tutorials and sample videos, and a new episode of Photoshop for Video on making cast shadows.

Next up, some cool application links.  First, VLC got updated; MediaInfo looks like a nice utility for quick file info reference right from within Explorer in Windows; Digital Rebellion has a cool-looking bunch of tools available for free; I discovered Wings 3D, a freeware 3D package (speaking of which, Blender has some awesome sample videos and galleries and tutorials available online, making it a formidable-looking package); SIR1 looks like it might be a cool little audio app to play with for some audio effects on your projects; digilab came up with the wonderful idea of creating a freeware tracking program, which could come in hugely useful during the VFX part of your projects.

Lastly, but certainly not leastly, some resource sites…following with the application trend so far in this post, I found Plugin.com, a database of plugins for all kinds of applications; VFXtalk has a nice resource wiki with a tool resource list; I found this Movie Making Manual on wikibooks.org, which I haven’t read yet but I’m always interested in moviemaking manual type stuff; I’ve been getting back into reading Stu Maschwitz’s book The DV Rebel’s Guide, (which is awesome), and found his blog and resource forum pretty sweet as well; Maschwitz mentioned Reel Stream in his book, and I had to check it out…look at the rig this guy made!  And these anamorphic lens flares (which are pretty cool actually, by the way…I like the stuff about the way they happen in the lens while shooting).

Alright, that’s it for this week.  I’ll try to be a little more on top of getting stuff up here, but I can’t make any guarantees.  For now, I’ve not gotten home before midnight once in the past 2-3 weeks, and it’ll be the same for the next few months, so until school’s out, I can’t guarantee perfect punctuality.  However, I’ll do the best I can with what I have.  After all, “when given an opportunity, deliver excellence and never quit” is the dv rebel’s/amateur filmmaker’s motto, right?  Right.  Happy filmmaking, and good luck!


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