Link DUMP #2

October 16, 2008

Alright guys…another pretty massive list of links for your researching and learning pleasure.  That being said…I’ll get started.

First off, I spent a lot of time today looking at Terragen tutorials, reference and animation application sites for a keying shot I’ve got to do for next week’s compositing class.  I used to play around with Terragen a lot in high school, using it along with Photoshop to make all kinds of stuff from web designs to just cool landscape scenes.  It’s fun to muck around with.

Next, we’ve got to make a macro by the end of the term for our Shake class, and since working out the math behind creating a Technicolor look was an optional assignment a while back, I really want to figure out how that works.  So I’ve been researching here and here about that.

As always, Studio Daily came through with a big list of articles and whatnot, including the Adobe/RED workflow; an interview with Les Stroud, host of Survivorman; they reviewed Adobe’s CS4 releases of Dreamweaver, Soundbooth and Premiere Pro.  Also, an article from a film festival panel giving advice for indie filmmakers.

And, of course, what would a link dump post be like without the usual After Effects load?  Well…here it comes…and this time it’s a whopper.  First off, I discovered Adobe’s Exchange section of their site, specifically the After Effects section.  What?  Not enough little add-ons?  Well then what about AEscripts.com?  Want more?  How about some moreStill can’t find what you’re looking for?  How about making your own!?  While you’re at it, why not take a look at some Creative Workflow Hacks to maybe help you out in your new creative/techy venture.  Finally, saved from the Studio Daily list, there’s a new tutorial up from Greymachine abotu creating a camera shake in AE.

Next up, some eclectic resources: Channels in Nuke, 2D Set Extension using Nuke, More Channels in Nuke, bringing a camera through a keyhole using Maya and Premiere, and a few useful sites for the physical dimensions of a Canon XL1’s imaging chip, or film back.  Also, CGsociety is awe-inspiring in general, but this tutorial “The Ten Top Tips of Texturing” sounded particularly interesting to me.

So that’s it for this week’s post.  I’ve already got about 3 things ready for Sunday’s Showcase episode, but I’ll let you wait until then.  I’m sure you can find something in here to fill your time until then.  And until then, happy filmmaking :D.


One comment

  1. The technicolour look class was a joke.
    The site is much better.

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