Link Dump: Free Stuff Edition

April 16, 2009

First off, welcome to the new blog! Yes, I know it’s awesome. I’m proud to say it’s my whole site collection hosted on one domain, inter-linked, organized and consolidated. Awesome. So now…on to the link dump.

I’ve got a massve…and I mean massive collection of links ready for ya. So massive, in fact, that I’m breaking it up into a multi-part series, because frankly, opening tons of links at once won’t be fun for you, and copying and pasting and reviewing what all of them are won’t be so fun for me. Not all at once, anyway. So next week, Link Dump: Tutorial Edition. But let’s get started with part 1.

Freebie Lists

CreativeCow apparently has a 2-part article series full of links to free element sites online. Part 1, part 2.
Bittbox is an awesome tutorial and resource site, so definitely keep an eye out on that for resources.
MotionWorks is a cool place for tutorials and whatnot, but they’ve also got a decent free downloads area, so check that out if you’ve got a minute.
This blog post has got links to a huge amount of plugins and whatnot for After Effects, FCP, and other programs.
CSSStyle.me has a list of freebies here.


Here’s a list of free 3D apps available on the ‘net.
Norrkross MorphX is a free morphing application I found in my web-perusing. Could be cool to play around with, test it out a bit.
JES Deinterlacer sounds like a great tool to have for DV filmmakers. Interlacing = bad for most VFX, and generally looks bad, one of those aspects of video that makes it look like video instead of film. Good to get rid of it.
This could be a decent free audio editor. Looks similar to Audacity.

Add-ons, Scripts & Tools

Pixelfudger is a pretty cool group that makes macros for Shake, good tools, good collection, nicely useful set.
AEnhancers is a sweet-looking spot for After Effects related downloads (scripts, expressions and presets).

Textures & Photos

Lostandtaken has got some cool graphical resources (photos, textures, links to other resource sites).
A Touch of Texture has a bunch of texture photos, very useful for motion graphics or 3D endeavors.
MacText is a cool-looking texture photo blog, always useful stuff.
Not sure about the validity of this, but it’s a possibility…StockFootageForFree.

Finally, this site’s got an opportunity to submit your documentary-style film about your personal feelings in relation to Star Wars and George Lucas. I’m posting it mainly because it’s got a timeline, as the film will be completed and released eventually, so check that out, enjoy the links above, and I’ll post the next part next week. Thanks for visiting, hope these links help you out in your filmmaking endeavors and you like the new blog, and I’ll see you again next week.


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  1. […] way themes work, which gave me the confidence to tackle something a bit more aggresively (thus, the AnimiVirtus redesign was brought to life). Not to discredit the original tutorial I’d followed, that’s great […]

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