Showcase: Enter your shtuff!

April 20, 2009

I know I bragged about having massive amounts of links for you guys in the last post, but in my showcase section the list is puny. I’ve been on the rampage for learning, and slacked pretty majorly in watching. However, I do have some cool little opportunity-type links for you, and a portfolio to keep your eyes giddy whilst you await the next link dump post. Onward!

First up, Studiodaily announced recently that they’ve set up basically an online screening room for filmmaking talent called dailyfilm, giving us filmmakers the ability to submit our work and showcase it in one more venue online. The advantage in my mind with this added place to encode, upload and promote your stuff, is that it’s hosted by the already-sweet-ass Studiodaily site network, which means they’ve got a built-in audience going to the new site and checking out its content. Bigger audience means more exposure, hopefully means more opportunity to be noticed. Check it out and submit your stuff. You never know.

Secondly, I found this site, Online Video Contests, named the “#1 most updated video contest site on the web!” I’d never heard of it until reading the link, but maybe it’s worth a shot. The site looks decent enough, if a bit flashy, but it can’t really hurt. As long as they don’t ask for credit card numbers. 😛

And finally, the portfolio website of Kent Matheson is a wonder of painterly beauty, fit for any and all massive screens or living room walls. Beautiful stuff, clear talent, and I like that he mixes up the content with not only full-on matte paintings, but some projection and 3D-based paintings as well. Smart, and cool. Awesome job, Kent!


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