Showcase: Signs

April 27, 2009

Today’s showcase item is something I found through Videomaker Magazine’s newsletter last week. It’s a pretty cool little short that shows pretty successfully the effectiveness of editing, a simple concept, and a good, short, human story. The coolest part I thought at first was identifying with the main (male) character of the story, and then being able to watch his life go on an upward curve from there. I suppose that’s what we most often find intriguing and lovable in the first place, when we find bits of ourselves in the characters whose lives end up being what we wish ours were. Or maybe it just gives hope. Anyway, on the low-budget side of things…

This is a sweet-ass example of how literally paper, pens, a video camera and access to two windows and a crosswalk (which could be in three completely different places, mind you) could make a short film pretty cool. Pretty close to the ultimate in low-budget filmmaking techniques. Oh, yea, I guess a kitchen and bedroom would be good too, but I’m assuming most people have one of those :P. Basically, once again, proof that a solid, simple story with common human characters acting in identifiable, even lovable, even hateful ways.

Anyway, enjoy the film, feel free to leave comments, thoughts, reactions and whatnot at the bottom of the page, and happy filmmaking :).

YouTube via Videomaker


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