Link Dump: Eclectic Edition

April 30, 2009

Well, here’s the finale in those “tons-of-stuff” brags I’ve been making the last few posts. There’s a bit of a mix in here, but mostly the usual categories of free stuff and tutorials, with a few random ones thrown in at the end just for the sake of it. Enjoy, and see you next week!

Free Stuff

Clone2Go Free Video Converter looks like a somewhat-sketchy piece of software, but could be useful. I myself and a fan of MediaCoder for Windows and Handbrake for Mac (and Windows, but last I tried it’s build didn’t work too great).
DVCreators has a list here of some free and cheap stuff that could be cool. I like to keep lists of free stuff, you know, just in case :P.
Paranoia FX has some great macros for Shake, I actually use some of them in my comp work.
Celtx recently came out with a new edition of their sweet-ass filmmaking app. And don’t forget to check out their Project Central section, a cool spot to look for collaborators, browse other projects, list your own and gain attention.
Lee Gabel has generously posted some links to resource sites, as well as his ‘Screenwriting’ section which shoots you on over to Frankenscript, a sort of in-progrss blog about his screenwriting, as well as a short listing on his work.


HenryTheJedi has a list of After Effects and 3DS Max tutorials and downloads up for the taking, complete with watchable, downloadable videos and project files, so head over and check that out.
Videomaker’s new article Color Correction/Enhancement could prove useful, especially for compositors, motion graphics artists, or a anyone just starting out in the digital realm of filmmaking.
The always-awesome Studiodaily blog added a tutorial on tracking and compositing with Mocha and Final Cut, definitely a useful skill for you low-budget DIYers out there in the film world.

Articles & Sites

Videomaker also put out a kind-of-funny article titled ‘Anatomy of a Vidiot‘, pointing out the common characteristics of someone getting into videography who has no idea what they’re doing.
21st Century Cinema is an article I would really like to read when I get the chance. The subtitle is ‘An indie look at DIgital Dinema’, that should be intriguing enough for ya :P.
CGpov looks like a decent blog by a 3D artist, offering up opinions, points of view, showcasing work and occasionally handing out a tool or two.


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