Showcase: Space Lasers

May 4, 2009

Dastoli Digital has been a filmmking crew I’ve admired for years now, since back in early high school, and I’ve actually had the privilege of emailing back and forth with one of its key members for a while, talking about filmmaking and asking about their processes, projects, etc.

They’ve got some awesome stuff in their repertoire (which is huge, by the way, these guys are powerhouses when it comes to low-budget filmmaking), and that stuff is definitely all worth checking out. I especially like Equal Justice, Southwest Orange County vs. the Flying Saucers, and Complete Breakfast.

Other stuff worth checking out includes their Gangster Movie and an old favorite of mine, their Star Wars Fanfilm The Vorzyd Gambit. And not only do they make some great stuff, but they usually make behind-the-scenes videos for their projects which are not only informative but entertaining and rare in the arena of low-budget filmmakers out there – at least the ones that I’ve seen. Most of the time we’re so busy trying to get the film itself made, we don’t have the time, energy or resources to make a ‘making-of’.

Now that you’ve got some backstory, check out the trailer for their new film, Space Lasers here. It looks like another addition to their collection of good, fun, amateur (but good!) films, and one I’m definitely interesting in watching the final release of. Enjoy!


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