Link Dump: Articles & Thoughts

May 7, 2009

This week’s link dump post is a bit more article-based, with little to no free stuff or tutorials in the mix. I know, a more heady load, but it’s good for ya! Get those gears workin’ and thinkin’ and maybe something sweet-ass and original will come out of ’em. Anyway, it’s basically a roundup from the usual sources, a few announcements, some cool case studies, and some food for thought for those of you of the filmmaking persuasion but not in the ‘I-need-to-know-this-effect-now’ category, go ahead and read past the jump. You other lot, check back at a few previous posts an’ git yer learnin’ there. Otherwise, on we go…


Adobe’s got a new Marketplace with sections for Photoshop and AIR, basically another resource center, only this time you pay for stuff. Not to fear though, there are some free entries scattered throughout the site.
Studiodaily posted an article titled ‘First Look: Canon 5D Mark II‘, and I know your mouth is watering just reading that.

Case Studies

Studiodaily: ‘Rain and Fire as Metaphor‘ is an article/video combo about Pierre Michel, who you may remember from the gorgeous Loris Paris Spot and the awesomeness-filled French film festival intro.
There’s an article about the Honda Insight spot. May be interesting to probe the minds of makers out there and their processes a bit.
Also, in Script magazine there’s an article about reality shows and crafting the new Star Trek screenplay.

Articles & (yes) Tutorials

indieWIRE posted an article about distribution, useful tips for any indie filmmaker out there.
Videomaker posted an article about knowing your on-camera audio workings, good advice for anyone operating a camera at all.
Studiodaily posted a tutorial video on editing to the music to the beat of your accompanying music.
Finally, I know nothing about this film itself, but there is an interesting concept mentioned: that of distributing a single DVD with two completely different versions of your film on it, made simply through editing and organization of scenes and sequences. Cool to think about, I remember reading a while back about interactive movies, where it plays out a scene and give the audience member a choice about what happens next, the next scene is played and another choice is given, all leading to the same (or even different) endings, but letting the viewer, in essence, create their own story. That would be sweet.


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