Link Dump: Web Shows & Eclectic

May 14, 2009

Yes, my link dumps are almost all eclectic, but there’s more than just web show type stuff in this one, but nothing I could categorize under one name that fit it all nicely. Anyway… it’s a pretty light dump this week, but there’s some good stuff in here, I promise. I’ll dispense with the usual sell-you-on-my-post type stuff this time and simply get to it…


Mark Apsolon apparently is a guru of greenscreening and filmmaking, and his website won’t hesitate to tell you that. It’s one of those sites you hate until…well…no, you pretty much just hate it. Unless there’s some good content. I only post this because I remember a while back I watched a few of his videos and found them informative. That’s likely changed now, since I’ve gone through education in the area, but for those of you without the benefit of a VFX or film school – or choosing to rough it (more power to you in that case) – this stuff may prove useful.
Videomaker, always a good source of beginner/intermediate level information and tutorials, published this article on ‘lighting objects for video ads’, definitely a useful bit of knowledge for anyone, maybe something to supplement (or support) your original video & film efforts.

Web Shows

Kevin Pollak has a talk show – yea, who knew? – and it’s actually pretty cool. The Paget Brewster episode alone was cool, but the reason I’m posting it here is because his latest update features Felicia Day, the well-known (at least online) creator of The Guild and actress in Joss Whedon’s Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and they have a lengthy discussion about web shows, web-based creative content and making that something creative and original, engaging but still marketable. It’s pretty cool as a fan just to see her interviewed, but it’s also applicable to the online filmmaking community. Hearing from someone who’s been there is invaluable stuff to listen to. Head over to the site or – oh… you could watch it here:

Also in helpful web show stuff, check out this video for a quick listing of what you can do to make a guaranteed successful web series. Heed the advice, it’s good stuff.


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  1. […] especially with my parading Felicia Day around as a ‘web show extraordinaire’ in the past. Along with that, her co-producer has another web series I found recently and watched the first […]

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