Link Dump: More Articles & Case Studies

May 21, 2009

This week I’ve got a few goodies to put out there, including a few case studies I’ve found and been saving up, some insightful articles about internet-based distribution, and a few odds and ends, as always. So, without any more ado, here we go…


Lessons & Advice from Top Editors: “In this series of videos, feature film editor Billy Weber, reality TV editor Glenn Morgan, trailers editor Carol Streit and jack-of-all trades editor Terry Curren discuss the lessons they have learned in decades of work and offer bits of wisdom not found in any film school or editing manual.” Great sounding stuff (no, I haven’t watched it yet…guilty as charged).

Pro Juice: Featuring tutorials on audio, video, and other multimedia, this could be a promising source of good learning materials.


Distribution: Best Online Video Sites: “You’ve just finished compressing your great video. You’re ready to distribute it using online video-sharing sites. But wait! Not all video-sharing sites are created equal.” Videomaker’s always a fan of the guide style article, and this is no exception. And when it comes to internet distribution, nothing could be more appropriate.

Web Series: Four Things to Ask Yourself Before Starting: “I get many many emails every week about people who are wanting to make web series. They want advice, which I would love to give, but there’s no way that I can address everyone individually or I’d have no time to keep up with my own obligations. So I’m going to post an occasional blog on the topic, because it’s important to me to help people make their stories.” Felicia Day is somewhat of a hero of mine I suppose, from her acting work to her Guild series that’s taken people by storm, and this blog entry is a great addition to her cheerful, helpful character. And there’s the promise of more to come too!

When To Use A Camcorder Filter: “Most cinematographers use filters. Most videographers do not. Why? Money, time and tradition. Besides, you can always fix it in post. Right? Not necessarily. There are some things filters can do that you really can NOT fix in post.” Again with the guide articles, Videomaker delivers.

Case Studies

Reinventing Star Trek’s VFX: How J.J. Abrams Demanded, and ILM Delivered, More Story from Every Shot.

Wolverine : The Making of an X-man: “Wolverine is the 4th of the X-Men films or the first of the spin off Origins series, depending on your point of view. We have a look behind the scenes of this film, talking to artists from Rising Sun Pictures, Luma Pictures and Hatch Productions as well as exclusive crew shots from on-set.”

Director Alex Rivera on Third-World SF: “Sleep Dealer Looks at Problems Facing Rural and Urban Mexico.”

CG Society: Coraline: If you saw Coraline, you likely marveled not only at the stereoscopic 3D but at the stop-motion animation as well, and this breakdown is a pretty sweet-ass walk-through of that process.


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