LATENT(CY) Release: 06/01/2007
[Genre: Coming of Age, Student, Drama | Runtime: 57 minutes]
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Ana and EvanDescription: Ana loves art. She also is a regular person, needing love, food, shelter, water, the usual things we always want to survive. But when those two worlds collide – when artistic passion and real-life survival can’t seem to coexist, she is forced to make a decision. The world is a rough place to live, with its super-competitive attitudes toward working, personal image and business and private life successes. Ana comes to terms with the realities of trying to have both worlds andAna Alone canceling them out. What would you do if you had a passion for something and couldn’t decide between that and stable life itself? Pushed by her therapist to take a break from the hard life and by her friend to break up with her boyfriend, Ana is pushed in all different directions at the same time, not able to make any of her own decisions anymore. I feel like I’m back in high school and I have to raise my hand to go to the bathroom,’ she says. And she’s quite right, isn’t that how we fell in a crowded workplace or important business meeting oftentimes? How restricted will she let herself become before she decides what’s best for her and her life? How far would you let it go?

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Other Films by A/V Productions

The Waiting Room
The official trailer for my short film The Waiting Room, to be completed within the next couple of months.

» YouTube

Rebel Without A Crew (book review)
A book presentation for my writing class on the book “Rebel Without A Crew” by Robert Rodriguez.

» YouTube

World Space Odyssey
A short sci-fi film about two young astronauts who get caught in a time shift between their past and their future. What if you went too fast through space? What if you went through time as well? And what if, when you came back to Earth, nobody was there to greet you?

NOTE: This is an .iso version of the film. If you don’t want that, please download from here: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3956852

» YouTube » Download .torrent

Heinz Ketchup Commercial
This is a commercial for Heinz Ketchup I made during the commercial competition in the summer of 2007. It didn’t get very far, but it was fun to make.

» Download .torrent

Kids And Heroes
This is a trailer for as a short film I co-wrote and directed in the Spring of 2006, about high school kids on the verge of graduation.

» YouTube

You can always watch (or subscribe to) AnimiVirtus Productions’ videos at the YouTube profile here.  You can also keep up to date on the films uploaded as torrents by checking back here every once in a while.  The films here are freely distributed here, we only ask that you continue to seed the torrent files and tell your friends about the films, expose the open-source filmmaking movement, and spread the free entertainment! Thanks for watching, feedback is always appreciated. Enjoy.


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  1. […] Go ahead and read it over here and feel free to download or watch it from the links over on the Films page.  Thank, Jeremy, and the rest of the Microfilmmaker Magazine crew for watching, critiquing […]

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