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Link Dump: Rigs

September 25, 2008

Alright, well I haven’t collected any links that are new to me, but I started digging through my collection I’ve amassed over the years doing research for the project, and came across a few things that will be helpful.  We’re not actually building rigs for the shoot, but it was a thought in the beginning, so naturally I got excited about it.  So, here’s what I’ve got to offer right now, feel free to leave additions and whatnot in the comments. Read the rest of this entry ?


Link Dump: Eclectic

September 18, 2008

Well this one’s another brief and rather scattered one, we’re entering the planning and scheduling of the project now, so I’m thinking about how we’re going to do the practical, on-set effects or complicated shots we’re going to need to pull off.  And since I spent my high school years researching that kind of thing, I’m excited that I finally have a use for all that amassed knowledge and inspiration.  So, here goes the short list… Read the rest of this entry ?


Showcase: Infest Wisely

January 8, 2008

This is a decent trailer for a pretty cool sounding sci-fi miniseries.  The trailer’s what interest me the most, however, since it’s the only video piece of the film I’ve watched so far, but also, check out the bike mount shot following the riders through the trees!  That’s sweet!  And there’s no evidence as to how they did it.  Great shot.