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AV site launched!

July 2, 2008

I’m proud to say that finally, after a couple of years of procrastination, I’ve finally taken the jump and bought my own freakin’ domain name, set up a site, and am learning how to customize a WordPress theme for my own site.  In layman’s terms: I’ve launched the website, and am working on redesigning the simple stock design I’ve used as a temporary start-up style.

I’d love it if those of you who’ve bookmarked this blog could change your bookmarks to the address of the main site, as I will not be updating this blog here anymore, in favor of switching the whole thing over to the site.  I’m aiming to post more on the blog, trying to go for at least some form of dependability, as opposed to sporadic postings every few months.  For now, though, look forward to a few posts throughout the week, some cool little announcements, and eventually, the full site’ll be up and usable.

Link: (ahh, it feels good saying that :P)


Showcase: Airsick

January 25, 2008

Sorry for the lack of an update Monday, but I was traveling from LA to Seattle that day and couldn’t find an open wireless connection in the airport (strange, huh?)  It was a busy day, so my apologies.  However, I’m in Seattle, with a connection, and soon to be in Vancouver (hopefully also with a connection in the apartment) and able to update on time.  So I’m moving, got a small video slideshow project of the move in progress and my other projects on hold, but I’ve been wandering around the city a little bit, exploring and discovering the joy of a tangible but relaxed lifestyle.  I’d like to post about that on my personal blog at some point, but I’ll get to that eventually.  There’s no rush :).

Now, for the showcase of the week, I discovered this short video through a photography blog I subscribe to, and I was interested in the photography aspect of it, as well as the filmmaking side of putting together a bunch of images to create a video0like short film.  It was interesting to watch and of course, since it’s a controversial subject, inspiring to a degree.  I don’t have much to say about this video other than it’s worth watching, and it’s interesting and intriguing to watch how they even emulated some common video effects (rack focus, animated titles, time-lapse) using 20,000 individual photographs.  I remember watching a music video a long time ago done similarly to this, only this was more pointed in its subject, and that was more artsy in its execution.  Both are good, but this I think serves a more important purpose.  So enjoy the video, get inspired, and do something to help in your community.  Knowledge is power, and the internet is the end-all solution to not knowing.  So go browse and learn.  Enjoy, and best of luck.  Happy filmmaking!