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Showcase: Animated Shorts

June 1, 2009

These are two shorts I’ve had in my collection for a while now, but haven’t posted yet. Pretty simple as far as the 3D goes, but the story and mood work well for each piece, so they’re effective and entertaining short films in my opinion.

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Showcase: Signs

April 27, 2009

Today’s showcase item is something I found through Videomaker Magazine’s newsletter last week. It’s a pretty cool little short that shows pretty successfully the effectiveness of editing, a simple concept, and a good, short, human story. The coolest part I thought at first was identifying with the main (male) character of the story, and then being able to watch his life go on an upward curve from there. I suppose that’s what we most often find intriguing and lovable in the first place, when we find bits of ourselves in the characters whose lives end up being what we wish ours were. Or maybe it just gives hope. Anyway, on the low-budget side of things…

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Showcase: Games, Zombies and 'Net Stars

February 8, 2009

Well, it’s been about three and a half months since my last post, and while I apologize for the wait, I haven’t completely neglected this blog.  I’ve amassed a pretty massive collection of showcase and link dump material for the next while, and continue to receive newsletters and am on the prowl for tutorials and resources.  Long story short, the final project’s finishing up, and there’s a vast pool of links about to come your way in the next few weeks.  Starting now… Read the rest of this entry ?


Showcase: Virals & Ads

October 6, 2008

Alrighty…so here’s this week’s showcase.  I’ve noticed as I become more entrenched in the industry-bound mindset and more into the tools and techniques and whatnot of the professional side of things, I’m introducing more of that into my blog posts.  I hope you guys don’t mind, but I’ll try to keep this low-budget aimed anyway, since that’s the purpose of the site in the first place.  Now, that said, let’s move into the good stuff… Read the rest of this entry ?


Showcase: Threesome :P

August 26, 2008

I know, I know, naughty me. Oh well :P. Today (and this time I have no excuse for the lateness of this post) I have a trio of showcase postings. So get ready, it’s going to be a wild ride.

First up, a short film I found while searching for another one I’d heard of a while back but couldn’t find. This is called The Date, and stars Rose Byrne, of 28 Weeks Later, Sunshine and Damages fame, among many others. It’s an Australian short flick, and further confirms my opinion that Aussies just know how to make good, entertaining movies.

WARNING: There’s a tiny bit of profanity in this one. If you’re a little kid you’d better have some huge-a$$ earmuffs ready. 😉

The Date (short film) starring Rose Byrne

Second on the list was a reenactment of The Dark Knight
trailer…by some little kids. It was funny and entertaining (and
actually surprisingly accurate) enough that I decided I had to post
it. It also embodies the attitude of no-budget filmmaking quite well.

No earmuffs needed.

The Dark Knight (kids version)

And lastly, but certainly not least(ly), is a short film entitled Ending The Eternal that I found perusing my brother’s Rue Morgue magazine while vacationing at his house. It’s a short vampire flick (good points from me), done well (more points), with a very clear low-budget style and attitude about it (more points). Written, directed and edited by Justin McConnell, it has potential, and I’d be curious after this to see what happens with his career in the field.