Just Do It. No… Not a Nike ad.

September 7, 2007

This I found again on filmmaking.com and thought it was just inspiring, very well thought out, put together, and an awesome message in the field of filmmaking that plays directly to what I feel a lot about making movies: sometimes it just seems to damn hard.  Well, the only way it gets less hard is when you do it.  And even though that sometimes is the hardest part, I know it is for me, it’s because that really is the hardest part, just getting out there and doing it.  Once you’re partway there, you’ve got it covered.  You’ve got no excuses to just stop with your dream.  So this video I thought really was a great message in about 5 minutes that is so close to my life and what I feel and think when I dream about filmmaking.  So take a peek, I’ve included the link below but feel free to visit the link on the filmmaking.com website for some more videos and a plethora of other useful stuff.  Enjoy.

Made by: http://www.scarycow.com

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7JtYglYBnc


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